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Mumbai Brekkers

I like Mumbai in the morning. Not because it is the quietest place on earth and definitely not because I am a morning person. But because 8:30 a.m. has just enough buzz, offering an essence of the city without the overwhelming chaos.

It is also a great time to eat in the city.

Apart from the food being fresher, Mumbai's local breakfast options are an assortment of cultures, inherited from a long and luscious culinary melting pot.

Many local dishes are modern adaptations derived from the Kolis, a fishing community said to be the original inhabitants of Mumbai.

Others are borrowed from our friendly neighbors, like the Gujarati and Udipi foods that are extremely popular amongst Mumbaikars from all backgrounds.

And then there is the plated relic of Mumbai’s Parsi-Irani culinary heritage.

Here are five highly recommended Mumbai breakfasts:

Eat Breakfast like a Mumbaikar

2 May 2013

Five morning meals with a Mumbai flavor: And where to try them by CNNGo.

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