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Eat Your Way Through Japan

Kaiseki-ryori. Photo: Tetsuya Miyura - It starts with appetisers like sushi and sashimi, pickled vegetables and moves onto soups, grilled and broiled meats and seafood, hot pots, miso-based dishes and ultimately culminates in dessert. Chefs use seasonal ingredients and focus on balancing colour, texture and taste to produce a sensational dining experience. One of the best places to savour such a meal (it takes over two hours to finish one) is the traditional inn or ryokan, like Ugenta

Eat Your Way Through Japan

2 August 2013

There’s more to eat in Japan than sushi and sashimi though those are perhaps that country’s most notable exports to World Cuisine. Here we present six dishes (including sushi), from a tangy, bubbling hot pot to barbecued skewers of poultry and savoury pancakes that are bound to have you drooling. Mind the keyboard!

Kaiseki-ryori - This is a very traditional, multi-course haute cuisine meal. 

Yakitori - Skewered organs of chicken are grilled, seasoned and served with condiments. 

Motsunabe - Motsu means organs of pork and beef and nabe is a pot au feu. 

Ramen - Legend had it that Confucian missionaries brought this noodle broth dish to Japan from China over 400 years ago.

Okonomiyaki - This savoury pancake is Osaka's primary contribution to Japan's ryori (culinary) roster. 

Sushi - It's singularly Japan's biggest food export. And at Sukiyabashi Jiro (www.sushi-jiro.jp), a three-Michelin star sushi restaurant, the owner-chef Jiro Ono has refined sushi making to an art. 

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