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6 kinds of salts

Characteristics: Often referred to as the workhorse of a kitchen, rock salt is recognized by its rock-like appearance, albeit much smaller. A versatile salt, it is made of by compacting granular salt collected from mines and deposits. It has irregularly shaped flakes that dissolve easily and relatively evenly. Also called kosher salt in other parts of the world, rock salt is often free from any kind of additive – like iodine.

Best for: Drawing blood out of meat.

Cooking tip: A good, medium-coarse grind table salt can be used in pretty much every cooking endeavour. Sprinkle it in sauces, use it to cure meat & seafood, fold it into soups. 

Fun fact:  To make your coloured rock salt, get the crystalised rock of salt,  grind the salt, boil it with water, add the colour, let the water evaporate, crush it and keep it in a jar.

Know your cooking salts

Yahoo Lifestyle
8 November 2013

By: Madhulika Dash

Deconstructing the world of salt, and how knowing your Kosher salt from the Fleur de Sel can not only improve your cooking, but the flavours in your dish too.

Nothing proves the potency of an ingredient like the salt -- a little less can leave the dish dull and a wee bit more can make it unpalatable and bitter. And while getting the perfect ‘pinch’ comes with experience, knowing what salt you are using goes a long way in giving your dish a different flavour – and character. All this with a pinch!

Says Chef Nachiket Shetye, owner 36 Oak and Barley, “The thing about salt is that it draws its characteristic of the place it is milled from, and can easily take on new flavours – which on one hand makes it a delight to work with, and the other, a rather whimsical ingredient to deal with. So knowing kosher from flaked sea salt goes a long way in upping a dish both in terms of flavours, and experience.”

Here he helps deconstruct the salt world, and how to use each salt to its best.

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