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Miss Diva 2013
Marc Robinson, Director-Miss India Organization poses with the finalists of Miss Diva 2013.

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Meet the finalists of Miss Diva 2013 - Who will you vote for?

23 August 2013

The Miss India Organization is providing another platform to young, talented women to participate in Miss Diva 2013 and then compete in Miss Universe 2013 and have their names next to the likes of Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutta. The Miss Diva 2013 winner represents the country at Miss Universe 2013, to be held in Moscow on November 9th. 

The selection for the prestigious contest began last month and lucky finalists were selected from Chandigarh, Delhi, Kolkata and Bangalore won the opportunity to be fast-tracked to the finale of Miss Diva 2013 to be held in September in Mumbai.

Marc Robinson, Director-Miss India Organization quoted, “The finalists selected today for Miss Diva 2013 represent a great combination of drop-dead diva looks, poise and confidence. May the best girl win.”

The selected finalists will be undergoing specialised and professional training by some of the top-notch experts from the Fashion and Glamour Industry. They will then be seen competing for the coveted title on September 8 in Mumbai.

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