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Mexican Wave

Swatch Wild Ride

Mexican Wave

17 June 2013

Yes, it has been that month where the weather went volcanic on you. The Forties became the new Twenties, and you probably even cultivated a rather morbid fascination with debating on which city's temperatures was higher than the rest on any given day. 


Thankfully you were well equipped. You ditched that suffocating tie which felt like a noose (a colorful pocket square made sure that you still kept it classy), and you rediscovered the advice we gave you of pushing up the sleeves on your blazer and wearing those loafers without socks. 


But really there’s only one surefire way to beat the heat – and that is to head out of the city. We can’t think of a better way to kick back than to take a vacation by lying around the beach with a couple of cold ones. And when you trade in that suit for beach shorts, you’ll need an equally laid back timepiece to match.


Photo Credit: Jignesh Jhaveri, food stylist: Shubhangi Dhaimade

- Varun Godinho

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