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1. Celina Jaitley: Beauty queen, actor, entrepreneur and writer – Celina Jaitley has everything going for her. Although her Bollywood status is average, she has a number of endorsements and activism going for her. She is now also a very busy mom – having given birth to twin boys last year in March. Jaitley and her Aussie businessman husband Peter Haag are now doting parents busy cuddling the little bundles of joy.

Who would believe these Bollywood beauties are actually moms?

Yahoo Lifestyle
22 April 2013

There used to be time when getting married used to mean the death of Bollywood actresses’ career. And having a baby? No way! Not anymore – Here are the 10 hottest moms in B-town. This Mother's day, these moms are an inspiration to us that life does not end after motherhood. Supermoms can do it all.

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