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01 Travel Sonmarg Nallah Sindh River Lakshmi Sharath

It starts as a little stream with bridges of pebbles built across it, a little pathway that tempts you to walk on the river.

Nallah Sindh - Moods of a river

26 September 2013

As a child, road trips often made me wonder secretly if it was me or the landscape that was moving. Decades later, I felt almost the same in Kashmir. The mountains seemed to be a fixture. I often felt I was standing in the same place and staring at the same scenery.

After some time I got used to the mountains, standing imposingly, carpeted in green with a smattering of white. Then, the drama began. The river flowing below in the valley, curling underneath the feet of the mountains, twining and untwining itself and seducing the traveller with her curves. The mountains remained unmoved, but my emotions were stirred. The landscape now changed dramatically as I drove from Srinagar to Sonmarg, with the Nallah Sindh, a tributary of Jhelum, playfully flowing along.

LAKSHMI SHARATH follows the river as it keeps her company on a drive past the 'unmoving' mountains.

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