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Nauheed Cyrusi

For all those who don’t know me, here’s a little inside on me. I’m absolutely NOT a Valentine’s Day kind of person...but given that it’s just another day or date, for me, I’d love to actually go for a nice long dinner with long conversations. Because, to me, really, that’s what love is all about. To be able to sit across from each other and never run out of things to say… And if I was given a chance to celebrate that dinner on the 14th of February with anyone in the world… here are the few people I’d love to go on a date with… though not necessarily a romantic date… but a date.

Nauheed’s Perfect Valentine's Day Date(s)

13 February 2013

Style Factor host Nauheed Cyrusi shares her dream list of gentlemen she'd like to go on a  Valentine's Day dinner date with.

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