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Snooze! 8 Great Health Benefits of Sleep

If you’re not of the rare breed that worries about hours wasted while snoozing, you do love your daily dose of slumber. Perhaps you even look forward to it with unnatural enthusiasm. If so, you’re doing it right. Apart from being the most relaxing end to a long day, sleeping also has multiple health benefits.

Top 8 health benefits of sleep

Reduces stress: In the case of sleep deficiency, the body’s functions enter a state of high alert, and cause an increase in blood pressure and production of stress hormones. The stress hormones make it harder to sleep and the higher blood pressure amplifies the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Top Health Benefits of Sleep

21 November 2012

Ah! The joy of sleeping! Along with being one of the most pleasurable

activities known to man, it’s also got a whole bunch of health benefits.

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