Brazil take on Spain at legendary Maracana

28 June 2013


It's the Confederations Cup final everyone was expecting - Brazil versus Spain. Although the outcome was touch and go at the nailbiting semi finals.

Brazil secured its place in the last few minutes of its game against Uruguay. The Confederations Cup holders will now defend their title at the legendary Macarana stadium.

Its almost mission accomplished for trainer Luis Felipe Scolari. The Selecao, unbeaten since the beginning of the competition, is on a roll.

Scolari's 2013 Brazil team is a team full of confidence.

Soundbite 1 Thiago Silva, Brazil team captain (Portuguese, 10 sec)

We're playing at home, with the support of our fans and we know our adversaries well. The team is ready and full of enthusiasm"

Standing in Brazil's way are Spain, the current World and European Champions. They'd like to add to their haul with the Confederations Cup, not least because they have never won it before.

But Spain had a hard time beating Italy in the semis. The match went all the way to a penalty shoot out with Italy missing the 7th to lose 6-7.

Soundbite 2 Iker Casillas, goalkeeper, Spain (Spanish, 27 sec)

"I am sure that for football fans the world over a Brazil-Spain match is one we all want to see and its fitting that they meet in the Confederations cup Finals, the precursor to the World Cup"

Sunday sees two of the world's hottest teams competing against each other, a year ahead of the World Cup in 2014.

It could be a taster of what might also play out at the legendary Macarana stadium around this time next year.



-Brazil's national team practicing in Urca (May 30, 2013 in Rio de Janeiro)

-Neymar (April 23, 2013 in Belo Horizonte)

-Casillas (June 19, 2013 in Rio de Janeiro)

-Brazil's national team practicing (June 19, 2013 in Fortaleza)

-VAR Brazilian coach

Luiz Felipe Scolari (June 18, 2013 in Fortaleza)

-VAR Marcelo's son with Brazilian players including Thiago Silva (May 30, 2013 in Rio de Janeiro)

SOUNDBITE Thiago Silva


-Spain's national team practicing(June 13, 2013 in Recife)

-Spanish coach Vicente del Bosque (June 25, 2013 in Fortaleza)

SOUNDBITE Iker Casillas


- VAR Brazilian players, including Neymar (June 7, 2013 in Porto Alegre)

- VAR Spanish players in Maracana stadium (June 19, 2013 in Rio de Janeiro)

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