Diana's former secretary awaits arrival of royal baby

9 July 2013



-VAR Kate and William on the balcony of the palace

St Andrews, SCOTLAND, 24 February 2011

Southampton, UK, June 13 2013

(source: AFPTV)

-VAR of William et Kate


LONDON. 3 JUNE 2012. (Source : AFPTV)

-The Queen and family on the Buckingham palace balcony

LONDON, MAY 20, 2013


SOUNDBITE 1 Patrick Jephson, former private secretary of Princess Diana (English, 35 sec):

"There will be a continuing concern not to overexpose this baby and the family life that it was born into, but at the same time needing not just to satisfy public curiosity but to satisfy the need for public confidence in the future of the dynasty. Don't forget - the Windsors are a dynasty. Their first responsibility as a dynasty is not to open hospitals and be kind to animals, it is to perpetuate the dynasty. This baby represents the next generation and the abilty of this dynasty to survive."

SOUNDBITE 2 Patrick Jephson, former private secretary of Princess Diana (English, 31 sec):

"Princess Diana certainly did break the mould in the sense that she took William on tour, she made sure that for me as the person organising her programme that she was able to get home in time to put them to bed, if we were overseas that she was able to get home in the right time zone to speak to them on the phone. She would get on the plane back from whever we were and say, I can't wait to get home to see my boys.' They were always with her in her heart wherever she was. And I dare say it will be the same."

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