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Gehlot interacts with aam aadmi during Jansunwai

11 December 2012

To have direct interaction with the common man or aam admi while sitting on the top seat of Rajasthan, like each week on this Monday too, a Jansunwai was organized at the residence of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in Jaipur. The public event started around 9 am and around 1000 people from all corners of Rajasthan came to meet their chief minister. During the meeting, Gehlot had one to one interaction with each visitor. After listening to the grievances of his people, Gehlot gave instructions to his officers to solve their problems and issues at the earliest. The aim of the Jansunwai is to take the feed back of his governance from people and bridge the gap between government and the common man.

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