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Hipsters sparkle with holiday cheer in "ugly" Christmas knits

13 December 2012

SCRIPT: Winter is around the corner -- and this couple is hunting for the perfect sweater. Perfectly ugly, that is. VOX POPS (man, woman, English, 4 sec): "-As tacky as possible." "-Yeah, 3D, maybe." So-called "ugly Christmas sweaters" -- part of a decades-old tradition of hand-knit holiday gifts -- are getting a second life as a fashion trend. Young party-goers are hitting vintage shops like this one, which features displays dedicated to them. SOUNDBITE 1 Glynn Pogue (woman) Sales associate, Meeps Vintage, Adams Morgan (English, 10 sec): "Over the past month, I'd say, like, right after Thanksgiving, there's just like an ultimate wave of people coming in looking for Christmas sweaters. It's really popular." Second-hand stores are a treasure trove of sweaters of Christmases past -- but today's creations take tackiness to the extreme. SOUNDBITE 2 Brian Clark Howard (man) Co-author "Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater" (English, 11 sec): Brian Howard is an ugly sweater enthusiast. He co-wrote a book on the phenomenon with Anne Marie Blackman, who makes the sweaters and sells them on her website -- recycled garments tricked out to sparkle, blink and even sing: UPSOUND: "Jingle bells..." Howard says the internet helped kick off the trend after pictures of one epic party in Canada went viral in 2001. SOUNDBITE 3 Brian Clark Howard (man) Co-author "Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater" (English, 13 sec): "After that party people really realized how much fun you could have by just taking it to the next level -- just celebrating how ridiculous they can be, and just getting that much ugly in a room together... there's something kind of magical about that." Party-goers agree -- the uglier the sweater, the more fun you have. VOX POP (man, English, 5 sec): "Every time I wear it, I get laid. Not true at all! Hahaha!" As enthusiasm for the trend grows, more and more hipsters are likely to be seen wearing their holiday spirit on their sleeves. SHOTLIST: WASHINGTON, DC, DECEMBER 7, 2012 SOURCE: AFPTV - WS couple digs through rack of ugly sweaters - MS ugly sweaters on rack - VOX POPS (man, woman, English, 4, sec) - WS Glynn Pogue hangs up sweaters in dressing room - MS woman trying on an ugly sweater - WS woman speaking with her companion - WS sweaters in shop window - CU tilt over details on sweater LONGER FOR COVER OF SOUNDBITE 1 - SOUNDBITE 1 Glynn Pogue (woman) - WS couple checks out and leaves - CU tilt from lit-up ugly sweater to man's face - SOUNDBITE 2 Brian Clark Howard (man) - CU Howard demonstrates the battery pack COVER SHOT - MS Howard sits at a table at his staff craft fair - CU book "Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater" - MS ugly sweaters for sale on table - MS sped-up shot of Howard changing into singing sweater - CU singing, dancing sweater - WS Howard wearing singing, dancing sweater - CU singing sweater - SOUNDBITE 3 Brian Clark Howard (man) ARLINGTON, VA, DECEMBER 7, 2012 SOURCE: AFPTV - MS band playing in a bar - MS people dancing in ugly sweaters - tilt up on girls wearing ugly sweaters - VOX POP (man, English, 5 sec) - WS man from VOX pop dancing in ugly sweater

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