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Sivakarthikeyans Next Project Taana

20 March 2014

Sivakarthikeyan has jumped to his next project titled Taana. The Ethir Neechal team is making this film. The film will be directed by Durai Senthil kumar and produced by the National Award winning actor Dhanush. More details here.

A New Solution That Stops Snoring.

Researchers found not only can snoring lead to exhaustion, headaches and high blood pressure. But could have more serious health implications as well.

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Snoring can cause health and relationship issues.

Studies show snoring is far more dangerous to your health most people suspect. It's a real problem that needs a solution. I found THE solution.

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Snoring can cause health and relationship issues.

Snoring causes headaches, high blood pressure and fatigue. Each leads to something more serious. Here's a simple SOLUTION to a very serious problem.

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